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The Oklahoma premises liability attorneys at The Law Offices of Michael R. Green have years of experience representing the victims of slip and fall injuries in Oklahoma. We have a team of aggressive, professional Oklahoma personal injury lawyers to handle the claims of people who have suffered serious injuries as a result of hazardous conditions leading to a slip and fall.

What is Premises Liability?

Slip and fall cases are also known as Premises Liability cases. Premises can be defined as a building, and or the land it is on. Whatever happens on those premises is the responsibility of the owner of the premises and is therefore liable.

Claims are based on someone suffering an injury due to slipping, tripping, or falling as a result of a dangerous condition that existed because the owner of the property was negligent in preventing the injury.

Slip Fall Premises Attorney Tulsa, Oklahoma City, OklahomaFor instance, let’s say you live in an old neighborhood, with old trees. Some of the sidewalk in front of your house is buckled up from the tree’s roots growing underneath. If you trip over the sidewalk on someone’s premises, they may be liable for your injuries and damages may be awarded as a result.

This is just one example, there are many more situations that can lead to a slip and fall claim. Slippery floors, broken stairs, missing railings, poor lighting, loose carpet, or malfunctioning equipment may cause a slip and fall injury.

A premises liability claim may be filed as a result of any condition that causes injury that could have been avoided, had the property owner acted to prevent the injury from occurring.

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