Do you need a Idabel Oklahoma Car Accident Attorney?

Our Idabel Attorneys know that after a car accident in Idabel or anywhere in Oklahoma, you will undoubtedly have a lot of questions about what to do next. The Law Offices of Michael Green understand what you are experiencing and we would like to help you through this with the best outcome possible.

I Am Injured, What If I Do Not Have Coverage?

The first thing you should do if you are injured in a Idabel car accident is seek medical attention immediately. If you do not have medical coverage, see a doctor to treat your injuries and keep all reciepts to be reimbursed later. Detail all injuries you received in the accident, if possible, take pictures of your physical injuries before you are treated. You should also make a copy of all notes, emails, or other correspondence pertinent to your car accident.

The hospital reciepts will document your injuries and will start a paper trail to help prove that you were injured in the car accident. Your police report will likely start this paper trail and serve to document situations surrounding your case. We also recommend that you keep track of your mileage and any work you may have missed as a result of the accident.

Why Do I Need an Idabel Car Accident Attorney?

While you do not require the help of a car accident attorney to handle your auto accident claim, we highly recommend that you do and here’s why. A study done by the Insurance Research Council has shown in convincing fashion that people who retain an attorney to protect their rights after an accident get larger settlements than individuals who choose to defend themselves against the insurance company.

Car Accident Injury Claims Can Be Extremely Complex and Confusing

Idabel Oklahoma Car Accident AttorneyThere are many details to keep track of during a car accident claim. It can quickly become overly complex and confusing. Some of the details include dealing with your medical bills, handling insurance paperwork, witnesses testimonies, and police reports. Put our Idabel Car Accident experience to work for you and avoid the snags that can damage your case and possibly keep you from getting the compensation you deserve.

The Bottom Line After An Accident

After a car accident, you enter a battle with the insurance company, who has an experienced team fighting for their rights. We feel you should have a level playing field, and we would like to be your team in this battle. It is no secret that the insurance company makes money by collecting premiums, not by paying settlements. Why settle for what they are offering? Get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Contact a Idabel Oklahoma Car Accident Attorney

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