Were you injured in a wreck and need a Bartlesville Oklahoma Car Accident Attorney?

Our Bartlesville car accident attorneys know that you have numerous questions about what to do after an accident. We are an experienced Bartlesville Car Accident law firm and we completely understand the challenges you face at this difficult time. We believe in just compensation for the negligence of others and we will fight to get you the compensation you deserve after being seriously injured in a car accident in Bartlesville or anywhere in Oklahoma.

I’m Injured And I Don’t Have Coverage…What Do I Do Now?

If you are injured, the most important thing is your health and we urge you to seek medical attention immediately after the car accident. If you do not have medical coverage, feel free to contact the Bartlesville car accident lawyers at our law firm to talk about how you can get seen by a doctor without paying up front. We also urge you to keep tabs of all injuries as a result of your car accident. If at all possible, you should take photos of your injuries. If you can, do this before you are seen by a doctor. Retain all correspondence; notes, emails, or any letters applicable to your car accident case.

Police reports usually start a paper trail and also serve to document situations concerning your Bartlesville car accident. Your medical records, copay receipts, and other hospital documents also serve to prove you were injured. One thing people often forget is documenting mileage and keeping track of any work you have missed – these are important for claiming any lost wages you may have suffered.

Do I Really Need an Bartlesville Car Accident Attorney For My Claim?

We talk to quite a few people that think they do not need the help of an Bartlesville car accident attorney to handle their auto accident case. Let us tell you why that may not be a good idea. You see, a recent study done by the Insurance Research Council concluded that people who retain a car accident attorney or law firm to protect their rights commonly achieve a larger settlement than individuals who choose to defend themselves.

Bartlesville Car Accident Injury Claims Can Be Extremely Complicated

Bartlesville Oklahoma Car Accident AttorneyThere are so many particulars to track in a car accident case. The list of things to keep track of can become increasingly complex. These items include mounting medical bills, insurance paperwork regulations, witness’s accounts of the accident, and any official police reports. As experienced Bartlesville car accident lawyers, we are ready to work for you to steer clear of the roadblocks that can hurt your chances for recovery.

The Bottom Line After Any Car Accident

It really is you against the big insurance company when you have been in a car accident. The interesting part is that they have a team of pros to look out for their own best interests. That’s why we level the field for you – to make it a fair fight, not David vs. Goliath. We know the insurance company makes it’s money by collecting premiums from it’s clients, and paying as little in settlements as possible, so they offer you the lowest amount possible. We feel you should be compensated fairly for your injuries and your pain & suffering.

Contact a Bartlesville Oklahoma Car Accident Attorney

If you or someone you know were injured in a Car Accident … THINK GREEN, Attorney Mike Green. Call our Bartlesville Oklahoma Car Accident Attorney. Click here for a Free Consultation on the merits of your case by speaking directly to an attorney at our Oklahoma law firm.